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Why Register for Linen & China?

With SRH Travel you can register for a breathtaking view and room service.  Our honeymoon registry is completely free for both the honeymoon couple and guests making contributions.  Simple and easy to use, our honeymoon registry consists of personalized cards that you include along with your wedding invitations.  These elegant honeymoon registry cards notify your guests that you have registered your honeymoon and provide a "suggested gift" that your friends and family can give.  The honeymoon couple simply makes a deposit on their trip and "gifts" are applied to the remaining balance.  The couple settles the account when final payment is due and if gifts are received after the balance is paid, we send you a check before you depart on your honeymoon.

No matter what your budget, our agents will be able to find the right destination for you.  Call or email and we’ll get started today!

Shannon  R.  Haynes,    

Honeymoon  Bridal  Registry  Coordinator